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Parshat Shoftim
En İyi Yönetim Biçimi

Makale, modern hukuk sisteminde kuvvetler ayrılığı kavramını tartışarak Parshat Shoftim'i araştırıyor. İsrail toplumunun, her biri farklı rollere sahip dört yönetim kurumu (Kral, Yargıç, Rahip ve Peygamber) üzerine nasıl inşa edildiğini ana hatlarıyla belirtir. Tevrat'ın "çevrenizdeki tüm uluslar gibi" bir kral atama talimatı, gelişen siyasi kültürü yansıtır. Makale, Tevrat'ın diğer ulusları siyasi sistemleri ve kültürleri aracılığıyla etkilemek için siyasi bir varlık oluşturmaya yaptığı vurguyu vurgulamaktadır.

Parshat Re'e
Guardians of Truth: Unraveling the Role of the People of Israel
in Preserving the Torah


  1. What is a "false prophet" according to Parshat Re'e, and how do their messages contradict the teachings of the Torah?
  1. How does the Torah protect the people of Israel from the influence of false prophets, even if they perform signs or miracles?
  1. What is the unique role of the People of Israel concerning the Torah, and how are they seen as guardians entrusted with preserving the authenticity of God's word for the entire world?

Parashat Ekev
Feeding the Soul: A Heartfelt Journey of Blessings After Every Meal

The article discusses the mitzvah of reciting a blessing after a meal. The blessing is a way of expressing our gratitude to God for the gift of food. The article also discusses the importance of prayer in Judaism and how it applies to all people, regardless of their Faith.

Parashat VaEtchanan
Sınırların Ötesinde: Kadim Bilgelikte Evrensel Birlik Mesajını Açığa Çıkarma

 Step into the mystical realm of Parashat VaEtchanan, where the power of "Hear O Israel, Adonai is our God, Adonai is One" resonates. Beyond its surface, an awe-inspiring revelation awaits. Rashi's paradoxical interpretation uncovers a profound mission entrusted to the People of Israel—to become catalysts of transformation for all humanity. Join the harmonious convergence of the children of Israel and the children of Noah, embarking on a captivating journey towards the realization of a unified vision—a world where one God reigns supreme. Explore the mysteries that lie within, as the ancient call of Shema Israel beckons you to a higher understanding.

Parashat DEVARIM
Revolutionizing the Intersection of Politics and Religion in Judaism

Parashat Devarim unearths Judaism's remarkable fusion of politics and religion. It challenges the conventional separation of state and faith, emphasizing that the Torah presents a political constitution for the Hebrew people. This revelation highlights the Holy One's concern for societal order and justice. The People of Israel's actions in their land serve as a model for other nations to emulate, promoting just and righteous social behavior. The seven Noahide commandments include establishing a just legal system, underscoring society's importance of justice and honesty. This religious imperative advocates for the integration of holiness in politics. Parashat Devarim sparks curiosity and invites readers to explore the unique relationship between Torah, politics, and religion. 

Parashat MATOT & MASEY
Harnessing the Sacred Force of Speech

Uncover the secret art of canceling and breaking vows in Judaism. Delve into the profound power of speech as the Torah unveils its perspective on the significance of words. Discover the hidden holiness embedded in every utterance and its impact on mitzvot. Unlock the mysteries of how to cancel a vow and explore the depths of breaking a vow within Jewish tradition. Witness the transformative force of speech and grasp the true importance it holds in the tapestry of Judaism. Join us on this captivating journey into the heart of Torah's view on the sacred realm of speech.