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What Is A Noahide?

Noahides are a community of non-Jews who follow the righteous Laws of Noah according to the teachings of the Jewish Bible.

A shared mission unites Noahides from different cultures worldwide; to live morally, create peace, and mend the world.

Letters of support from Renowned Rabbis

The attached letters are letters support for Noahides and for the Noahide World Center (Brit Olam) for their efforts in disseminating the Noahide Faith around the world. (English translations will be availablable soon)

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Rabbi David Lau, Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel

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Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, “Rishon Letzion”, Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel

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Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu

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Rabbi David Lau, Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel

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Deepen your relationship with God!

“ I pledge my allegiance to Hashem,
God of Israel”


Theology, Ethics, and Jewish Philosophy: Examining life's big questions.

Svelare il cuore: dove la fede incontra l'azione

"Mentre Yom Kippur offre l'espiazione per i peccati contro il Creatore, cercare il perdono per le trasgressioni contro gli altri richiede di più. La fede in Dio ci connette verticalmente, ma le nostre azioni verso gli altri esseri definiscono le nostre relazioni orizzontali. Il versetto profondo della Torah, 'Ama il tuo prossimo come te stesso "Io sono Dio", intreccia queste dimensioni. Per credere veramente in un Creatore, dobbiamo incarnare gentilezza ed etica nelle nostre interazioni, poiché "Io sono DIO" ci comanda di amare non solo il Divino ma anche la persona accanto a noi. Questo allineamento collega credenze e comportamenti, portando a una condotta etica genuina

Beyond Faith and Reason: Exploring the Hidden Depths of God’s Existence

Discover the profound mysteries of existence through the works of Maimonides and Rabbi Yehuda Halevi in this captivating article. Explore Maimonides' rational inquiry into the existence of God and Rabbi Yehuda Halevi's historical testimonies, and uncover the interplay of faith and reason in their philosophies. Delve into the wisdom of the Torah as you unravel the enigmatic tapestry of divine existence, embarking on a transformative journey of heart and soul.

Weekly Portion of Torah

by Rabbi Ouri Cherki

Embracing Nature's Holiness:
Sukkot's Unique Connection and Universal Appeal"

The report delves into the distinctiveness of Sukkot, a Jewish festival celebrated as pastoral and nature-centric. It explores the profound connection between the Jewish soul and the natural world during this holiday. Unlike many other Jewish festivals that involve restrictions or anxieties related to nature, Sukkot offers a harmonious and joyful interaction with the environment. It symbolizes the unity between the Jewish people and nature, reflecting a universal dimension of spirituality.

The author, drawing from the teachings of Rabbi Kook, underscores the idea that holiness in nature belongs to all nations. In contrast, transcendent holiness is a unique domain of the Jewish people. Sukkot is portrayed as a reconciliation between these two forms of holiness, where individuals worldwide come together to celebrate. In the Holy Temple, Jews offered 70 bulls during Sukkot, symbolizing atonement for the 70 nations of the world.

In summary, Sukkot is celebrated as a time of unity with nature, an opportunity to transcend fears of the natural world, and a universal holiday that fosters reconciliation between holiness above and within nature. This article highlights the significance of Sukkot in promoting harmony and connection among diverse communities.

Embracing Dual Beginnings:
The Timeless Wisdom of Rosh Hashanah and the Hebrew Calendar

Rosh Hashanah, commencing the Hebrew year, signifies the coexistence of contrasting temporal perspectives: autumn's decay in Tishrei and spring's renewal in Aviv. This dual inception in Nissan and Tishrei embodies perpetual renewal, emphasizing that every moment is a new beginning. Even the processes of decay and deterioration are integral to a broader narrative of construction and optimism, revealing an ever-renewing history where Rosh Hashanah symbolizes our continuous journey towards a brighter future.

Parshat Nitzavim:
Choosing Life Beyond Measure
Torah's Spiritual Insights on Life Death and Divine Connection

The Torah's dual portion, "Nitzavim-Vayelech," introduces a pivotal choice: life and death. Although the natural inclination favors life, the Torah transcends the apparent with spiritual insights. It acknowledges the notion of choosing death for spiritual union but underscores a different path. By embracing life, one doesn't merely opt for existence but rather encounters the divine within it. This choice embodies freedom and responsibility, as human agency defines the course, imparting moral depth to life's journey.

Preliminary Noahide Self-Declaration

I agree to uphold the Seven universal Noahide Laws, which were given by God to Noah as a binding set of laws for all of humankind and were revealed by Moshe.
Details & observance of these laws have been preserved, clarified, and expounded upon by the sages of Israel from generation to generation.