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What Is A Noahide?

Noahides are a community of non-Jews who follow the righteous Laws of Noah according to the teachings of the Jewish Bible.

A shared mission unites Noahides from different cultures worldwide; to live morally, create peace, and mend the world.

Letters of support from Renowned Rabbis

The attached letters are letters support for Noahides and for the Noahide World Center (Brit Olam) for their efforts in disseminating the Noahide Faith around the world. (English translations will be availablable soon)

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Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Dahan

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Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, “Rishon Letzion”, Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel

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Mordechai Eliyahu

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Rabbi David Lau, Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel

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Dov Lior

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Rabbi Yaccov Peretz

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Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu

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Rabbi Arya Steren

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Rabbi Avigdor Nabtzel

Deepen your relationship with God!

“ I pledge my allegiance to Hashem,
God of Israel”


Theology, Ethics, and Jewish Philosophy: Examining life's big questions.

Hammas İsrail'e saldırdı; İsrail'in Ahlak Ayırt Ediciliğinde yanlış olan neydi?

Kabil ve Habil anlatımında, Haham Yochanan'ın yorumu kötülere nezaket göstermenin risklerini vurguluyor ve şefkat eylemlerinde ayırt etme ihtiyacının altını çiziyor. Bu hikaye, nezaket gösterdiğimiz kişilerin karakterini ve niyetlerini dikkate almanın önemini vurgulayarak bizi ahlaki davranışlar üzerinde düşünmeye teşvik ediyor. Bu uyarıcı hikayeden ne gibi daha geniş etik dersler çıkarabiliriz ve bunları başkalarıyla olan etkileşimlerimize nasıl uygulayabiliriz

Civilians Under Siege
Hebrew People in the Face of Terror

"Israel recently experienced an unfounded terrorist attack, deliberately targeting civilians, encompassing women, children, and the elderly. In the face of adversity, the Jewish people demonstrated their unity and strength, guided by their faith in one God. They aspire to create a world characterized by peace, harmony, and dignity. To contribute, you can help disseminate this message in your language, among your friends, and provide financial support. May blessings be sent to Israel and all those who stand in solidarity. Let us pray for peace, invoking the hope that 'He who makes peace in His heavens, may He make peace upon the people of Israel and the entire world.'"

Weekly Portion of Torah

by Rabbi Ouri Cherki

Seeking Tranquility
The Messianic Aspiration of Jacob

"In Jacob's quest for personal tranquility, juxtaposed with Joseph's visionary dreams, the narrative unveils a perpetual struggle. The tension between individual serenity and catalyzing global change emerges as a central theme. As Joseph rises beyond familial opposition, his dreams illuminate a path to global sustenance and enlightenment. This ancient saga prompts reflection on the perennial question: Must one sacrifice personal peace for transformative impact?"

Beyond Fear, The Evolution of Jacob into Israel
Unveiled the soul of the Hebrew identity.

Vayishlach delves into the evolution of Jewish identity, tracing Jacob's transformative journey towards becoming Israel. Departing from the previous portion, where Jacob goes into exile, this narrative centers on his return and the intricate process of identity transition. The text emphasizes the importance of grappling with political challenges as a prerequisite for embodying the identity of 'Israel,' who contends with God and men.

A crucial moment unfolds in Jacob's encounter with Esau, where fear takes a central role. Rashi's commentary sheds light on the dual nature of Jacob's fear—fearing potential harm to himself and the prospect of causing damage to others. This nuanced fear reflects the lingering influence of an exile's moral code, which hinders the ability to confront and defeat the enemy.

While Jacob still grapples with a real enemy in the incident of Shechem, his sons understand the necessary course of action for existence in the Land of Israel. The narrative concludes with Jacob returning to Bethel, having acquired the conviction required by the Jews of the Land of Israel—a level exemplified by one who knows how to fight to defend themselves and their Land.

Click here and take real steps in your life today to actively participate in the ongoing narrative of the Hebrew people, to ensure a better future for the world

İlk Doğanın Doğuştan Hakkını Kazanmak

Tevrat'ın "Vayetze" kısmı, Yakup'un gelecekte İsrail halkının toplu sürgününü temsil eden sembolik yolculuğunu anlatır. Kardeşi Esav'ın ahlaki zorlukları ve suçlamaları karşısında Yakup, ahlaki üstünlüğünü kanıtlamaya çalışır. Anlatı, ilk doğan dört çocuğun, özellikle de küçük erkek kardeşini koruyarak Esav'la tezat oluşturan Reuben'in doğumuyla değişir. Bu, Yakup'un Esav'a karşı mutlak üstünlüğünü vurgulayan bir düzeltme sürecini başlatır. Yusuf'un doğumu, biyolojik ilk doğan çocuğun yerini daha hak eden küçük bir erkek kardeşin alabileceği anlayışının rehberliğinde, Yakup'un ayrılışının tetikleyicisi haline gelir ve İshak'ın İsmail ve Yakup'un Esav üzerindeki haklarına ilişkin daha geniş temayı yansıtır.

Preliminary Noahide Self-Declaration

I agree to uphold the Seven universal Noahide Laws, which were given by God to Noah as a binding set of laws for all of humankind and were revealed by Moshe.
Details & observance of these laws have been preserved, clarified, and expounded upon by the sages of Israel from generation to generation.