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The Tower of Babylon
Unity Not Uniformity

The Tower of Babel narrative in the Torah, situated in Noah's weekly portion, unfolds as a wonderous tale revealing the secrets of human dispersion. Following a generation marred by violence, theft, and self-destruction through a flood, a tower is constructed to prevent a recurrence. This totalitarian endeavor seeks a unified humanity, where individual differences vanish in collective engagement. Failed attempts prompt subsequent efforts, notably by Ashur, founder of Assyria, revealing the pitfalls of rebellions turning tyrannical. Finally, Abraham emerges as a beacon, aiming not to impose identity but to be a meeting point for diverse humanity, emphasizing unity in diversity for the people of Israel.

Parashat Ekev
Feeding the Soul: A Heartfelt Journey of Blessings After Every Meal

The article discusses the mitzvah of reciting a blessing after a meal. The blessing is a way of expressing our gratitude to God for the gift of food. The article also discusses the importance of prayer in Judaism and how it applies to all people, regardless of their Faith.