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From Temporal to Eternal
Divine Presence in Exodus and Beyond [Pekudey]

Delve into the Torah's narrative symmetry, particularly in Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. Examine the Tabernacle's profound symbolism, elucidating the Divine Presence's presence through the symbolism of cloud and fire. Discuss the nuanced exploration of the Divine's temporary and permanent dwelling, offering insights into the spiritual journey of the Israelites as depicted in the Torah's text.

Yitro's Rhapsody Torah's Global Symphony

The Yitro portion delves into the essence of Torah and divine revelation, challenging convention by being named after Yitro, a non-Israelite. Despite Moses' central role, the narrative highlights Yitro's universal connection and the importance of broader global participation in the reception of the Torah. The gematria analysis adds depth, revealing the Ten Commandments' numerical significance and including non-Israelite figures like Ruth in the tapestry of biblical narratives, emphasizing the Torah's universal relevance.

Parashat Ekev
Feeding the Soul: A Heartfelt Journey of Blessings After Every Meal

The article discusses the mitzvah of reciting a blessing after a meal. The blessing is a way of expressing our gratitude to God for the gift of food. The article also discusses the importance of prayer in Judaism and how it applies to all people, regardless of their Faith.