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How do I shine a light on my new path while still respecting those around me?

Being a Noahide isn’t about getting people to your side, it's about living with a spiritual purpose. This means being there for your family, friends, and those around you while staying true to yourself. 

You might find that some people will feel abandoned by your new path and some people will be curious. You don’t have to convince anyone, just continue to study, and be open to questions but most importantly be a good listener, a strong shoulder to lean on, and a loving person.

Becoming a Role model means leading by example and supporting others that are starting to search for a deeper relationship with god.

Where to start:

Build your inner self.

Some ways to do that are to connect with your local community leaders, with Rabbis in the Holy Land, attend bi-monthly leadership meetings, and read the lessons sent to your mail.

Be a good member of society.

Behave appropriately and worthily led by empathy and openness to others. Make time to volunteer in your community and support those who are struggling.

Connect with other Noahides.

We are happy to help you connect with Noahides in your area. Try to meet up at least once a month to pray and study.

The most important thing is not to push other people.

When you do meet someone interested in learning more about Noahide you can share the educational content from this website.