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Worldwide people are seeking answers to their spiritual questions. You can find the truth in the traditional text of the old testament and the noahide way of life.

Let's get started!

This course will Lead You to a real discovery,Increase your faith and strengthens your life's journey with GOD.

In the following units of this course, you will get exposed to more profound insights that will fill you up with Inspiration thought, including  a better understanding of the Bible, as it has been handed down in our tradition through the "Keepers of the Secrets"


What People are Saying About Becoming a Noahide

Seeking the truth

Everyone who has taken part in this online course has been touched and expressed heartwarming enthusiasm about this inspiring session's excellent and meaningful content.  

We receive much feedback from people who have been seeking the truth  – the dynasty of those who guard the secrets for many years and feel they have finally found what they have been seeking.