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Beyond Conflict: Navigating Universalism and Particularism
in the Tapestry of Jewish Destiny [ויגש]

Finally, they completed.

We will delve deeper into Parshat Vig while focusing on Yosef and Yehuda. After a long conflict between them, the time has come for reconciliation. What does Joseph want? Joseph envisions a cosmopolitan destiny. Although he is a descendant of Abraham's family, he is interested in influencing great civilizations such as Egypt, but he does not particularly like particularism.

On the other hand, Yehuda wanted the opposite - complete particularism, a desire for the family to settle in the Land of Israel and forget about the rest of the world.

In the end, Jacob "...sent Judah ahead of him to Joseph, to direct him to Goshen..." [Genesis 46:28]

What does it mean? Rashi suggests that "ahead of him" means to arrange a place for him to sit before his arrival. However, later, Rashi offers from the Aggadic interpretation: "[לְהוֹרֹת] is [that there should be teaching]: to establish for him a house of study, from which teaching would emanate, building a Talmud academy."

What is the meaning of this? Yehuda, appointed head of the academy by Jacob, shows that Yehuda, who represents Israel's national uniqueness, has something to learn from Yosef. What does he have to learn? He should study what is known as 'political science.' Joseph served as the king's deputy, and such a man understands politics.

Judah should understand that the Messianic hope, the hope for the return of Zion, passes through the political dimension.

This principle was encountered in the modern era with the return of the people of Israel to their homeland. The Holy One, blessed be He, sent us a Jew [Theodor Herzl], raised in Western culture and educated in political science. He explained to the rabbis that a state must be established to return to Zion.

It should be said that Yehuda and Yosef changed fate. Joseph, the cosmopolitan, eventually becomes a contributor to the messianic vision of Joseph's son - the Zionist aspiration.

Meanwhile, Judah also learns the universal element of Israeli uniqueness, heralding the messianic age of the Son of David.

It can be said that a political alliance is formed between Judah's spirit and Joseph's essence.


As we navigate the complex coins of conflicting beliefs, envision the medallion of Noah's Ark, where Noah stands above, symbolic of our shared humanity. The seven stars represent the Seven Laws of Noah, while each of the ten rays embodies the diverse nations of the world. Let this medallion remind us of the intricate dance between unity and diversity shaping our global narrative.
As part of our launch celebration, we offer the medallion at a special price. Share in your reading and cultural experience, and let the coin representing the human conflict be a part of this unique period.

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