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ప్రార్థన సారాంశం & తదుపరి దశ (ప్రార్థన 4)

1. We have discussed that prayer is not merely an opportunity to ask the Creator for something but rather an attempt to create a partnership with the Creator of the World in a way that is like an encounter between two people, each one with a different set of desires. For their meeting to succeed, they must make their desires correspond to want similar results.
2. The encounter with the Creator enhances the power of life within me. The Creator constantly continues to give life to all creatures, and my connection to Him (through prayer and by matching my will to His) forms a link between me and the "source of energy," or the "source of life." As is written, "You who cling to your God are all alive today" [Deuteronomy 4:4].
3. As humans, we serve as representatives of the rest of creation, which remains "silent." We cannot recognize its Creator (not even living creatures have any way to acknowledge and show an awareness of God). All creation acts as "a huge single living organism," and humanity serves as the "mouth" for the entire world. (It is written, "Man is a tiny world, and a universe is a vast man.")
4. Since all the mitzvot must be performed based on a belief in the Creator of the World (and not simply because "these are important actions for the existence of the world and can be arrived at by human logic"), whenever I lack something, such as a livelihood, good health, or something in any other realm, or if I want to improve the world following the commands of the Creator, the very fact that I pray to the Creator shows that I accept Him and wish to observe His commandments.
And all of this shows how important prayer is for humanity.