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Civilians Under Siege
Hebrew People in the Face of Terror

Israel experienced an unjustifiable terrorist attack yesterday. It wasn't an attack on soldiers but on civilians, women, children, older people, and others to cause harm to as many Israelis and Jews as possible. We have provided a brief description in the attached video.

When the prophet Jonah found himself in a sea storm, the ship sailors asked him which nation he belonged to, and his response was simple, with just two words: "I am Hebrew man." The sages of Israel explain that since we fear the One who created the world, we are not allowed to harm others but must instead increase life!

In two words, we learn the nature of the Jewish people, in contrast to those savages who mistakenly believed we were weak and divided. They will discover the unity and strength of the Hebrew (Jewish) people. As we believe in one God, we stand United against our enemy!

What can you do to help?
Two simple things:
First, spread this message in your language among your friends. The Jewish people hold the key to a united world where peace and honor are among people & nations, a world of harmony and dignity.
Second, you can provide financial support and help spread this message.

May God send blessings to Israel and all those who stand with us.

Let's finish with a small prayer:
"He who makes peace in His heavens, may He make peace upon the people of Israel and the entire world."

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