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Beyond Faith and Reason: Exploring the Hidden Depths of God’s Existence

Discover the profound mysteries of existence through the works of Maimonides and Rabbi Yehuda Halevi in this captivating article. Explore Maimonides' rational inquiry into the existence of God and Rabbi Yehuda Halevi's historical testimonies, and uncover the interplay of faith and reason in their philosophies. Delve into the wisdom of the Torah as you unravel the enigmatic tapestry of divine existence, embarking on a transformative journey of heart and soul.

How to Be on the Right Spiritual Path?

What is the right approach to God's Divinity? Is it related to Beliving in God?

Purpose of Time and Space

What is the Purpose of Time and Space?
“Nothing exists that does not have its place” [Avot 7:3]
Philosophers and scientists have expended great efforts in defining the concepts of time and space...


Is it possible to replace the Hebrew nation?

The basic assumption is: while an individual may lose his rights as a Jew, the Hebrew nation remains the child of G-d forever.