Ebooks for download and Paper Books to purchase at reduced price in different languages
Ebooks for download and Paper Books to purchase at reduced price in different languages
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I agree to uphold the Seven Universal Noahide Laws,
Which were given by God to Noah as a binding set of laws for all humankind
And were revealed by Moshe.
Details & observance of these laws have preserved, clarified,
And expounded upon
By the sages of Israel from generation to generation.

The Seven Basic Noahide Laws:

1. The Prohibition Against Idolatry* in all Forms

2 . The Prohibition Against Blasphemy

3 . The Prohibition Against Murder

4 . The Prohibition Against Theft

5 . The Prohibition Against Sexual Immorality

6 . The Prohibition Against Eating the Limb of a Living Animal

7 . The Commandment to Establish Courts of Justice

Adherence to these Laws professed out of an understanding that
They were initially commanded to all humanity,
And subsequently are a manifestation of the Sinai Revelation,
And bequeathed to all humankind through
The Torah of Moshe grants a non-Jew the status of Righteous Gentile.

It's best to read this part aloud

"I pledge my allegiance to HaShem, God of Israel, Creator and King of the Universe, and His Torah.
I will adhere to the Seven Laws of Noah,
And I furthermore pledge to continue to uphold these laws in all their details,
According to the Oral Law of Moshe under the guidance of the rabbis.
Blessed are You God, King of the universe,
Who has caused me to live, sustained me, and brought me to this day."

The Prohibition Against Idolatry* in all Forms

*It is important to note:

If you believe that Jesus is God or an incarnation of God, you cannot make this declaration. The Hebrew tradition is that God is one and dosen't appear as a human ever. Anyway get our wishes for a blessed life, and you may continue learning the Bible with us.

*It is important to note:

This is a one-step before the full declaration in front of a Hebrew Rabbinical court.
If you wish to move on towards
The next step making a full declaration,

God bless you with much health, Wealth and good life :)