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What's Next?


Well, if you made it this far, you must be seeking the truth. Kudos to you!

Not everybody is willing to make an effort, to put in the necessary time, and to move on – especially when the subject requires a paradigm change, taking on a new world outlook. It is undoubtedly much easier to remain in a comfortable position in the place where you grew up.

But you have started moving in a new and different direction. May you be blessed for this!

Okay, now what comes next? 

There is much to learn in addition to the basic principles we have discussed. 

There are still a lot of practical things to do since, in our world, we are open to more than just thinking.

You are more than welcome to Take this first practical step to Achieve Spiritual and Emotional Effectivity in your day-to-day life, to adapt your outlook of happiness through internal elements even if fate strikes you regularly and you feel that the whole world is against you…

Now what is necessary is to have the wisdom to apply the knowledge through appropriate deeds. We have discussed the foundations of true faith, which can lead the world to act appropriately. We would like to stop all wars and bring peace to all mankind and between the different nations, leading the way to a better life for the coming generations.

Like everything else in the world, our mutual collaboration will create a synergist to enhance the powers of each side!

Welcome to a better world!

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg