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Inner Sanctuary
Deep Connection with the Divine in Judaism

There's a commandment to build a sanctuary, for what purpose is it sanctified? "and they shall make Me a sanctuary, and I will dwell in their midst."
A sanctuary is where there is the possibility of a direct encounter between the created and the Creator, a unique historical phenomenon.
Throughout history, the Master of the Universe hides behind nature,
but there is one place within which there is a breakthrough.

The human consciousness world is the place of the Sanctuary.
"And let them make Me a sanctuary."
"And I will dwell" does not say "within it" but "in their midst." And how does the Holy One, blessed be He, dwell within us? The scripture continues: "According to all that I show you, the pattern of the Mishkan and the pattern of all its vessels; and so shall you do." In modern Hebrew, "according to all that I show you" means I show you to others. Indeed, in the language of the Torah, the expression "I show you" also implies "show to you," but that's also the meaning of "I show you to others." Moses serves as a model for replication.
How can we be like Moses?
There is "the pattern of the Mishkan and the pattern of all its vessels." The structure of the Mishkan is the structure of Moses' soul. When contemplating the pattern of the Tabernacle, "and so you shall make it," be like Moses. And what is in the Tabernacle? What is the essence of Moses' soul? How is it structured? There is the Holy of Holies, there is the Sanctuary, and there is the Courtyard. In the Holy of Holies are the cherubim, and from there, prophecy emanates forever. In a person's innermost Holy of Holies, there should be openness to receiving messages from above. Inside the Sanctuary, which is the most conscious place, there is a table and a menorah, and they are the basis of economy and wisdom.

Then, one goes out to the Courtyard, which is the place of practical action. What is in the Courtyard? An altar. What is done on the altar? Animals are sacrificed upon it, and they ascend upwards. And this essentially tells us that all our actions should be aimed upwards, "and let all your deeds be for the sake of Heaven." So, we have a soul structure that is the straight one found within the soul of Moses, and all the people of Israel can learn from him and be "like Moses." And then the Divine Presence dwells within us and the heart of every person.

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