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Sparks Of interest - WELCOME!

We are excited to welcome you to this unique program based on an ancient approach to Jewish learning.

Through Chabura, you will not only learn texts, but you will also connect with peoplefrom all over the world and build meaningful relationships.

Envision enhancing

your understanding of religious texts by engaging with a partner from anywhere in the world.

Consider the deep insights you can gain by exploring diverse viewpoints and participating in meaningful debates.This is the transformative impact of Chavruta Learning!

This program is more than just studying texts;

it's about unlocking your full potential. You'll develop valuable social skills and build lasting connections with fellow learnersthrough collaboration, critical thinking, and open-mindedness.

We look forward to learning with you!

Get ready for an exciting adventure filled with discovery, understanding, and the joy of shared exploration

Here's what to expect next:

1. We'll match you with a Chavruta partner for your weekly study sessions.

2.You'll receive your first text passage and guiding questions for discussion.

[Via this Email:].