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PRAYER COURSE Thanks for learning with us :)

Thanks for joining us
And learning from the 'Secret Keepers.' 

Prayer is a state in which a person expresses an inner need, state, or emotion. Prayer is a "call out" from the deeper part of a person's being.
There will be those who will say that praying addresses an external source. Others will feel that it is a state of inner awareness intended for the prayer himself.
The Hebrew nation was blessed by receiving secret ways of
Connecting with G-d himself by following the prophets' footprints
Who knew the art of understanding the prayer paths.

This approach enables us to speak with G-d, understand the human soul,
And combine both to make the prayer suitable and perfect.
Welcome aboard!

By the way,
Do you know where the first time PRAYER was mentioned in the Bible?

With many possible blessings from Israel.

Rabbi Oury Cherki
Chairman of the Noahide world center.

This free course will give you access to 'Prophecy Secret Keepers' insights.

Step [1] – How can we Recharge our Batteries? (Link)

Any relationship with another person is based on reciprocity. It is impossible to have one side always give while the other always is on the receiving end. When that happens, it is exploitation and not a mutual relationship...Is praying to GOD on the same level of connection? Is it possible to ask God even when we don't listen to him?

Here we are starting to change our usual thoughts. BE CAREFUL!

Step [2] – Positive Energy in the Air! (Link)

Are you ready for a mind-blowing lesson? Just click to watch.

Be aware it is a "Glass ceiling" knowledge!

Step [3] – How Can I Represent Cows? I Eat Them! (Link)

It is unique to realize how deeply we are all connected, even animals, with Humankind. It's more profound to adjust the Hebrew [Prophet] answer.

Step [4] – What is your next step? (Link)

Here we experienced a few fundamental 'Prophets secret keepers.'

Take this opportunity to move on one step further for a greater connection with God, who created our world and gave us life.

Blessings from Jerusalem

Noahide World Center team

Do you know this prayer for a better world?
(What action can we take to bring this vision alive?)