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Centro de Estudios Noajidas (CEN)


Centro de Estudios Noajidas (CEN) – Center for Noahide Studies
We are a Noahide community in Mexico City dedicated to spread the message of Tikkun Olam among our brothers and sisters in Latin America in general and Mexico in particular.
We meet every Tuesday and Thursday to teach and learn from others how to make the world a better place under the Seven Laws of Noah.  It is important to note that the CEN is open to anyone who wants to approach us and that there is no charge of any kind. There is no membership and there are no records of attendance, only people of good will ready to learn. Another goal is to make everyone feel at home where they can express their concerns and questions in an atmosphere of understanding and equality.


  Czy ta wiadomość była użyteczna albo pomocna dla Ciebie? Proszę rozważyć wsparcie naszych projektów.

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