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Basic Tenets of Jewish Philosophy: Torah from Heaven

Torah at Glockengasse Synagogue (reconstruction),                                                                                        Cologne - Horsch, Willy in Wikipedia

Two proofs are given to show that there is a Divine source for the Torah. But they must be understood in depth and not simply in accord with the folk approach – that millions of people would not lie about the description of an event, especially not to their children. This approach will not withstand objective criticism, and the only ... Read More »

A Question for Isaiah

This week’s Haftarah includes one of the most difficult verses in all of the books of the prophets: “In the year King Uzziah died, I saw G-d sitting on an exalted and lofty throne and the hems of His cloak filled the Sanctuary” [Isaiah 6:1]. How can anybody talk about “seeing” G-d, even if we assume that this is an ... Read More »