What is Judaism? By Rabbi Oury Cherki


What is Judaism? A Crash Course in the Meaning of Judaism and the Jewish People in Human History by Rabbi Oury Cherki in e-book formats.

This fundamental work includes 46 brief but very precisely formulated chapters that encompass the entirety of the human experience, divided to 9 categories:

1. The Meaning of Life
2. The Meaning of History
3. Morality
4. The Essence of the Soul
5. The Commandments
6. The Written Torah and the Oral Torah
7. The Land of Israel
8. Israel and the Nations
9. Man and Society
We believe that this masterful creation of Rabbi Oury Cherki will be a landmark and turning-point for every human seeking the right way to serve the God and mankind.

There are three e-book formats - epub, mobi and pdf for your choice.


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