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Free Will & “Grains of rice”
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Free Will & “Grains of rice”

Yes, we’re all familiar with the movie, Mulan.
It starts with the Mongolian Huns
Who invaded the kingdom of the Chinese emperor.
The soldiers immediately run to tell the emperor about the invasion
And want to protect the emperor’s palace.
Here, the emperor displays his greatness.
First, the emperor seeks to protect the whole kingdom
And not just his own life – a real leader!
He also says that every “grain of rice” is important;
who knows how we will manage to save the entire kingdom?!
Which “Grain of rice” will be the one to save them all?!
The intention is obvious, China has a multitude of
“Grains of rice” – their huge population…

With remarkable perseverance and strength,
It was indeed the “small grain” – a woman, at that!
Who succeeded in saving the entire kingdom
And bringing honor to all of China!

Do you understand why this message is significant?
There are billions of Chinese people in the world.
Each one may “only” be a “small grain of rice”
But nevertheless, each one is important.
Every person is significant!

There’s a story about someone who approached one of the “secret keepers”
Of the “chain of secret keepers” of the Hebrew nation
After an interesting class that this rabbi had taught.
The man claimed that he was unable to connect to the unique ideas that were taught
Because he “doesn’t believe in God.”
The rabbi answered him wisely,
“It doesn’t matter if you believe in Him or not
The main thing is that
The Giver of life, the one who gave you your life,
Believes in you.
The fact that He brought you to this world,
Specifically now, at this time,
Means that you have a role here
And you must fulfill it loyally.”

We, the descendants of the ancient Hebrew nation,
Are familiar with and appreciate the great wisdom that exists in the world.
But at the same time, there is an added level of value that we add.
Today, more and more people are noticing this fact.
For example:
We’re all familiar with the willpower that every person has inside.
Essentially, it’s the most important power that a person has,
And every person is free to do with it as he pleases.
Our free will is an amazing thing in itself.

The problem is that usually, this freedom is referenced
In the context of limitations, boundaries.

Perhaps the sentence that is most often said by any parent or teacher is:
“You have a brain, think before you act…”
Which is basically a way of saying, albeit unconsciously:
“Hold back your instinctive [animalistic?] will.”
Is that it?
Is this why we were given free will?
Is this the maximum that we can do with the incredible ability called freedom of choice?
Of course not!
Let me express this a bit differently:.
Often, we feel guilty about things that we regret having done,
Or alternatively, we are filled with worries about a certain issue.
These are regular emotions
That we all feel from time to time.
Today, science has interesting ways of overcoming these “paralyzing” emotions
And the solution that science proposes is correct and interesting.
Neuroscience can be viewed as a type of “programming” for humans,
And it really works.
For years, I applied all sorts of techniques that helped my students empower themselves
At the high school where I was the principal.
These methods increased their self-confidence and the self-esteem they felt inside,
To the extent that they grew up to be creative, valuable members of the adult world.
It’s genuinely excellent
We are not robots!

I don’t need to tell you that these tools can also be used to take advantage of innocent people.
Techniques that work excellently can also be used to manipulate.
The famous NLP approach is based on programming the brain in various ways.
I must say that I have never met a person who uses these techniques maliciously,
Here is where the “chain of secret keepers” comes in,
Who are essentially the descendants of the Hebrew nation,
And they are finally telling the entire world
How it’s possible to improve the quality of life, to advance, to delve deeper
Using a special, additional level
The fifth dimension
That every person can find inside themselves!
Every person is capable of bringing out and realizing the incredible potential inside.
You can explore these principles

This and more
In our next post.

Have great life

Meanwhile, you can start with fixing those 5 mistakes
When learning the BIBLE

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg

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