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What does noahide mean?

Free public event (Canada com.) on 12.10.15

WHAT   IS   THE   RELATIONSHIP OF   NON-JEWISH   PEOPLE   TO THE   JEWISH   BIBLE? The Lecture will cover: 1. Why was the world created? 2. Life is a journey – what are its ultimate goals? 3. Is there a technology for achieving these goals? This lecture is intended for non- Jewish people who are interested ... Read More »

Brit Olam Declaration on Changing the Definition of Marriage


DECLARATION – The Noahide World Center – Brit Olam – notes that the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States which approves same-sex marriages is a sin against the universal law of Bnei Noach, and it constitutes an abomination according to the Torah. In making this decision, the United States is refusing to honor its obligation to establish ... Read More »

Brit Olam Survey – the format of our Siddur

Brit Olam is in the final stages of publishing a siddur (prayer book) for Noahides in English and French. We want YOUR advice about the final format we should use. Your opinion is important to us, since we also want to make an App for smartphones. Also: NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to donate to this important project – click here ... Read More »