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Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts by Rabbi Chaim Richman

  • Spirituality Vs. Holiness
  • What does Noahide mean? Rabbi Chaim Richman
  • What is a Rabbi and Why Do Son of Noah Need One
  • The Concept of Messiah, Rabbi Chaim Richman
  • Kashrut for non jewish person, Rabbi Chaim Richman
  • What Is Kabbalah? Rabbi Chaim Richman
  • The Universal Sabbath for Non Jewish
  • 7 Commandments, Rabbi Chaim Richman
  • Introduction to Sin and Repentance - 7 Noahide Laws
  • The Meaning of the Chosen People and What is a Goy
  • Introduction to Prayer
  • Introduction to the Oral Tradition
  • The Sinai Revelation
Intrinsic Holiness of the Land of Israel

The Fast of the 17th of Tammuz

A recorded message from Rav Cherki about the fast of the 17th of Tammuz.

The fast of the 17th of Tammuz occurred this year on July 15. The five tragic events listed in the Talmud as having happened on this day can be seen as representing concentric circles, each one at a greater distance from the center of holiness. We pray that with Divine guidance we will be privileged to rebuild what we have lost.

May you be blessed with good and healthy life and abundance.
--------------   In the meantime until the prophecy will come back:

Have a doctor’s appointment and feel the need to pray?

Looking for a partner? wanted to ask God’s help?

Need help making a living and want to know how to pray?

Looking for the right words prophetic tradition to thank the Creator?

Wish to pray Like the Old Testament prophets?
The prayers which was passed on traditionally
from the time of the Prophets – And have been
preserved for thousands of years among the people of Israel?!


Rav Cherki – Messages for Shavuot

Shavuot this year (5776, 2016) begins at the end of Shabbat June 11. In Israel it ends Sunday night, outside of Israel it ends Monday night.

Shavuot as a Universal Holiday

There are 620 letters in the Ten Commandments, corresponding to the 613 mitzvot of the Torah and the additional 7 mizvot of Bnei Noach. The Torah cannot be given to Israel unless it has at least one universal branch. Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, came in the name of all of humanity to participate in the momentous event of the giving of the Torah. G-d offered the Torah to the other nations, but most of the people rejected it. But, as the Polish Count Pototzky said, "Today it is possible to be a Ben Noach and to accept the Torah." This means that the holiday of receiving the Torah is not just for the Jews but is a celebration for the entire world.

Shavuot and the First Fruits

The significance of Bikurim - giving away the first fruits:
It is not explicitly written that the Torah was given on Shavuot, but the Torah does give the holiday as the date for Bikurim - bringing the first fruits to the Temple. Any man who has labored for an entire year definitely wants to eat the first fruit, but he gives it to somebody else - to a priest in the holy Temple. This act reminds of King David, who was born and died on Shavuot. David wrote the Five Books of the Psalms as prayer and praise of G-d in response to the Five Books of the Torah, which are the Word of G-d brought down from heaven to mankind.

Jerusalem Day – 5775

Jerusalem Day, 5775, is celebrated on Sunday, May 17, 2015. Rav Oury Cherki, presents a video message for the holiday.

On Jerusalem Day, we mark the return of Israel to Jerusalem after 2000 years of exile. Jerusalem is at the center of all the continents - Europe, Asia, and Africa. Here we can meet the entire world, and from here we can shin on the whole world.
The echos and the innermost sounds of prophecy have been felt more and more ever since the nation of Israel returned to Jerusalem, in the Six Day War. In essence what happened is that for the first time in the modern world an event of biblical proportions took place,
Ever since the Six Day War we began to open a new direction in the development of human knowledge by which Israel can finally pass on the Divine message. It is an opportunity for the entire world to come and hear the word of God - in Jerusalem.
In the Song of Songs, Jerusalem is called "the neck" of the world. Jerusalem is a "neck," a channel, which links us to infinite worlds. A battle is raging over Jerusalem, because all of mankind instinctively feels that Jerusalem is the motive force which gives the world its energy. We, the nation of Israel have been privileged to return to this place, from which we can bring an abundance and a blessing to all of mankind,

Rav Cherki Message to Noahide Conference in the Philippines

Rabbi Oury Cherki sent a video message to the QCHU Noahide community during Pesach of 5775 for their General Noahide Assembly, in Cebu, Philistinnes.

Summary: The redemption from Egypt was not complete in that it should have encompassed all of the world but it only included the Children of Israel. Shavuot, the holiday of receiving the Torah, is separated from Pesach, the holiday of the Exodus, by fifty days because the Children of Israel did not achieve true freedom in that they were forced into accepting the Torah. A truly free man must accept the mitzvot of the Torah without any coercion.
More and more of today's Noahides, by accepting commandments in addition to the basic seven mitzvot, are helping to pave the way for total willing acceptance of the Torah throughout the world. Then, when the Divine prophecies are fulfilled, there will be no need for one person to teach another, since the Knowledge of G-d will fill the entire world.
There is a controversy between the Western World, which feels that the individual is at the center of existence, and the Moslem World, which insists that God is at the center. Judsism has a solution to this dilemma - that neither one is at the center, but that the dialogue between man and God is at the center of our existence.
Let us all work together to achieve this ideal state of peace throughout the world.

Here is the full video message -


Publishing of a Siddur for Noahides

The "Siddur" is the main book which contains the texts of the prayers of the Jews on weedkays and on Shabbat, and also the main prayers for the holidays. Many editions of the Siddur also contain laws and various blessings, and in addition the short Troah readings for Monday and Thursday.

The Siddur accompanies the Jew from the time of birth (at circumcision) to the time of death (funerals), and it serves as the "book of life of Judaism."

Daily and special holiday prayer books exist for all the sectors of Judaism, in addition to abundant literature about laws and faith which have been published throughout many generations of history. However, in general the existing books are only appropriate for Jews.

Brit Olam has therefore established a House of Study which will be engaged in the study of issues relevant for Noahides.The purpose of this project is to produce books that deal with Noadhide issues. The first product of this effort, a result of years of study and discussions, will be a "siddur" - a prayer book for Noahides.
This "siddur" is currently being edited by Rav Oury Cherki, the Director of Brit Olam. We are asking for your financial support in order to publish this work and make it easily available to Noahides all over the world.

As a first step, we want to publish the "siddur" in Hebrew, so that the public in Israel will have a source of information about Bnei Noach. In addition, this will serve as a basis for translations in other languages.

A draft of the "siddur" has been written, and the purpose of this project is to do final editing and formatting, and to print copies. We estimate that from the moment the money for the project is collected, about one month will be needed to publish this important work.

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