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Free Will and Evil

Never again?! Crossing the Red Sea

There is a fundamental difference between, ‘Egypt Exodus experience.’ Which we celebrate on the first day of Passover And the ‘Red Sea Splitting experience.’ [Crossing the Red Sea] Which we celebrate on the last day of Passover Click on the picture to learn the difference Read More »

Free Will & “Grains of rice”

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Yes, we’re all familiar with the movie, Mulan. It starts with the Mongolian Huns Who invaded the kingdom of the Chinese emperor. The soldiers immediately run to tell the emperor about the invasion And want to protect the emperor’s palace. Here, the emperor displays his greatness. First, the emperor seeks to protect the whole kingdom And not just his own ... Read More »

Basic Tenets of Jewish Philosophy: Real Freedom


What do we mean when we say that all men are free? These words have a legal connotation which has found its way into the Bill of Rights, stating that all men are free as long as their actions do not impinge on the freedom of another person. The exact boundary between conflicting freedoms will be set by specific laws. ... Read More »

Parallel universes….

fantasy cosmos background, spiral galaxy

A year ago Thomas Friedman suggested that we solve the Israeli Palestinian conflict by placing NATO forces as the doorman of the Palestinian state. This suggestion is not of his own making, but that of Mahmoud Abaas, the acting governor of the civic affairs of the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria. According to Thomas Friedman this is a reasonable ... Read More »

It’s not Easy to be Jew

“You are the only ones I knew intimately from among all the families of the world, I will therefore hold you to account for all your sins” [Amos 3:2]. This verse, which appears in the Haftarah for this week, leads us to understand that the status of the Chosen People is not a comfortable position. If we ask ourselves if ... Read More »