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A Prince of Greatness

The region of the Galilee and all the Land of Israel
Deeply mourn the loss of a righteous and upright man
Who truly loved God and His creatures,
A faithful spirit who was steadfast in his clinging to the Nation of Israel and its Torah,
A man who was a true righteous Gentile in our time – the distinguished

Gunther Gottschalk,

Of Blessed Memory.
As a young man, he acknowledged the tremendous sins of Germany
And recognized the spiritual greatness of the Chosen Nation.
He often quoted the verse:

“We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you"

(Zacharias 8,23).

Beyond any limits, he dedicated his life to the Nation of Israel,
To the children of Israel, and to the Land of Israel.

Let his soul be bound in the bundle of life
Together with the stalwarts of humanity who support the universe.

Rabbi Ouri Cheeky – Brit Olam – The Noahide World Center