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Cain & Able fight

Are we familiar with the reasons for fights in the Bible? What was the main argument between Cain & Able that caused their fight till death? Most people don’t know those simple answers [And more questions…], AND YOU?! Click on the picture to find some answers Blessings from Jerusalem Read More »

A Prince of Greatness

The region of the Galilee and all the Land of Israel Deeply mourn the loss of a righteous and upright man Who truly loved God and His creatures, A faithful spirit who was steadfast in his clinging to the Nation of Israel and its Torah, A man who was a true righteous Gentile in our time – the distinguished Gunther ... Read More »

How to bring more light to our life?

This is not a tricky question It’s a way we live for almost 4,000 years All you need to do is to click here you will be sent to a NEW Flyer with a full explanation Our recommendation is to PRINT that flyer And to put it as a picture in your dining room Were you will add more light to ... Read More »