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7 Commandments

What is behinde this picture?

You need to click on it to know 🙂  With all my blessings and greetings  “Just be strong and very courageous…” [Joshua 1.7] Shalom from the Land of Israel, Rabbi Chaim Goldberg Noahide World Center  Executive Director  Read More »

How to bring more light to our life?

This is not a tricky question It’s a way we live for almost 4,000 years All you need to do is to click here you will be sent to a NEW Flyer with a full explanation Our recommendation is to PRINT that flyer And to put it as a picture in your dining room Were you will add more light to ... Read More »

Sunday or Saturday?

We see lately a big debate What did God want? That we will rest on Sunday? Saturday?! Here you will find exactly what he expects from us on Sunday And NO, For resting, we have Saturday Click on the picture to learn more Read More »