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What should we do with fotos of worshiping places?


If a person made photos of the places of worship or idols, or photographed himself against their background, what should be done with such a photos? Should we check our old albums and destroy photos that have idols or places of worship?

The answer of Rav Hollander:

It is not easy to deside in what case such a foto will be prohibited. If a Jew or a Ben Noah visited Vatican and made a foto of himself against it, hardly he did it to photograph Vatican specifically as a place of worship. That’s why we cannot considered such a foto as prohibited.

Likewise there is no prohibition to photograph ancient Greek gods because such cult was disappeared a long time ago and there are no people which worshiped such religion.

In such a case when foto was made specifically for worshiping places, then will be preferably to destroy such a foto. Though there is no need to find (such a fotos) in old albums.

The answer of Rav Cherki:

Will be preferable for Bnei Noah not to increase a number of forbiddances. And if a foto was made not for worshiping, then perhaps there is no obligatory to destroy it.

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