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Official recognition a person as the Ben Noah


Why the official recognition a person as the Ben Noah is obligatory (i.e. “The Pledge of Bnei Noah” in the face of the Beth Din – the Jewish religious court)? To my mind,  an observe 7 Commandments, have a belief in the heart, love for neighbors and perform good for people are more important. Why such formal action as the Pledge is nessasary? As for me, it will be an external form that is not relevant.


Your question are so important — especially for people who are used to thinking critically all their lives, who are individualists in their lifestyle and avoid all things in what “officialdom”  can appear.

No doubt, the observe Commandments, a belief in the heart, love for neighbors and perform good for people are the most important. But “to be the most important” does not mean that nothing else is needed. That’s why we believe that “The Pledge of Bnei Noah” is very important – in the personal plan, and in the social status of the person, and in his influence on the world.


1.The declaration changes the identity of a person. For most people, a publicly and officially stated position has a more serious impact on his self-identification than just an internal decision.

2. According jewish tradirion, “he who observes what he owes has greater merit before Heaven than he who observes what he does not owe” (Talmud, Bava Kamma, 38а). Often we think vice versa – that he who does more than he owes is more worthy than if it were his obligation – but Jewish tradition believes otherwise. “Voluntary observe without obligation” often more easier for a person than to do that “he must do”; to keep obligation is more difficult. But influence on the world such person which “not only does but pledged to do” is more significance because the observation by people their obligatons lie in the basis of the proper development of mankind.

3. The Pledge changes a personal status in front of the Torah. According Maimonides, only Ben Noah who accept the Pledge can observe add commandmens that don’t incude in 7 obligatory commandmens. It is derived from the principle: observation the obligaatory things should precede voluntary things.

3. The Pledge a personal status in relation to the Jewish people. It means full joining to the Torah and the Jewish people. That’s why Ben Noah who accept the Pledge become a member of the uniform religious society. Accordingly, Judaism requires from the Jewish people and their representatives to assist such a person in their studies, observance and religious advancement.

4. The acception of the Pledge create the real Bnei Noah movement in the world. The existence such movement has a huge impact on the world. By the way our world can learn about the opportunity to be Bnei Noah. That’s why it’s very important for movement to be socially explicit. for this purpose the accaptance of the Pledge is very significant.

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