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Is any preparation necessary for the adoption of the Pledge?

Question: Is any preparation necessary for the adoption of the Pledge, is there a necessary minimum of what a person must study before making the Pledge?

Answer: Of course, a person must understand what he declares, understand about the Torah and Jewish tradition, understand what obligations he takes upon himself. Halakha leaves all these questions to the discretion of a specific Beth Dean, and so far there is no generally accepted opinion on the issue of “necessary minimum of studies”. We proceed from the fact that today, at the initial stage of the Bnei Noah movement, when only people who have passed a long period of their own reflection and reflection join it, all the candidates know the basic ideas of Judaism and the concept of Bnei Noah; However, in the future, perhaps, such a minimum will need to be formalized. We recommend that you get acquainted: with the special section ‘7 Commandments’ – with the materials of the article ‘What is the religion of Bnei Noah?’ –

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