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How request Pledge?

How specifically to apply for the Declaration, how is its adoption?

Answer: We have compiled a short questionnaire for those who want to make a declaration, it is located here. After you fill out the questionnaire, we, in agreement with you, set the date for Beit Din, which today takes place through a video conference (technically, using the Zoom program).

During Beit Din, you read out the text of the Pledge (Declaration), and Beat Din confirms that you have accepted this declaration from you, then fills and signs the form about it, and sends it to you for signature, after your signature the form is returned to us.

From now on, you are “Ben Noah officially declaring his status.”

Download Beit Dean Candidate Declaration for Bnei Noah.

If you still have questions about the Beit Dean procedure, please contact the Beit Dean coordinator for Bnei Noah Nehama Simanovich.

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  1. 20.04.2021 at 22:35

    I would like to sign the pledge to become a B’nei Noah follower of the 7 Noahite Laws. I also would like to add more Jewish obligation as I continue to learn.

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