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The necessity of a Jewish religious court (Beth Din) for the Bnei Noah Pledge


Should the Bnei Noah Pledge be adopted by a Jewish religious court (Beth Din) or the Noahid community can organize their own Beth Din?


According to Maimonides, the recognition of Ben Noah by the Jewish Beth Din is necessary. But in the Jewish tradition, there is another opinion, according to which the Jewish Beth Din is necessary only for those Bnei Noah who accept this status in the Land of Israel. For Ben Noah’s official status in other countries the Bnei Noah court will be enaugh (i.e. acceptance the the Bnei Noah plege before three Bnei Noah). In our opinion, in the initial stage of the development of the Bnei Noah movement, which takes place today, the Jewish Beth Din is preferable, especially since today it can be done via telecommunications, without a long journey.

This is especially important due the fact that a convertation to Bnei Noah means not just an obligation to observe the Seven Commandments, but connection to the entire Jewish tradition – and therefore contact with living representatives of the Torah and the people of Israel is very important.

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