"The Home of the Nations"

Brit Olam - Noahide World Center - will establish a center in Jerusalem where people will come from all over the world, and from which the Word of God will be disseminated to the world.
The Home will contain the following:
- A visitor center
- Facilities for organized study
- A "Beit Midrash" providing regular classes
- An activity center

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“The House of the Nations”
The prophets declared that in the end of days all the people of the world will come to Jerusalem to hear the Word of God from the mouths of the Children of Israel.
“And many nations will go and say,. let us ascend to the Mountain of God, to the house of the God of Jacob, and He will teach us of His ways and we will follow His path. For the Torah will emanate from Zion and the Word of God from Jerusalem,”: (Isaiah 2, 2-3).
We are witness today to the fulfillment of the prophecies, and many people from among the nations cry out “Let us go with you, for we heve heard that God is with you.” (Zecharaiah 8, 23). This fact obligates us to establishe a world center which will absorb with warmth and love all those who come to accept the Word of God.
This Center must operate various programs:
(1) Guided tours in the Land of Israel which include gaining familiarity with the land and a study program.
(2) A permanent Study House, to clarify matters pertaining to Bnei Noach.
(2) An activity center.
(4) A department for publications and public relations.

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