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“The Home of the Nations”

Brit Olam - Noahide World Center - will establish a center in Jerusalem where people will come from all over the world, and from which the Word of God will be disseminated to the world.
The Home will contain the following:
- A visitor center
- Facilities for organized study
- A "Beit Midrash" providing regular classes
- An activity center

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Noahide communities

- Community life
- Partnerships
- Mutual projects
- To help the people "belong"
- Establishing new communities
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Help us| Aidez-nous | Ayudenos | Ваша помощь | עזרו לנו

"For the Torah will emanate from Zion, and the word of God from Jerusalem". || "Car de Sion sort la Thora, de Jérusalem la parole de Dieu "  || Por la Torá  que emanará de Sión , y la palabra de Di-s desde Jerusalén || "Из Сиона Тора выйдет Тора и Слово Божье из Иерусалима". || כי מציון תצא תורה ודבר ה` מירושלים

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A “Shulchan Aruch” for Noahides

The Shulchan Aruch is a guidebook of behavior (halacha). What is permtted and what is forbidden? How should one behave? It contains general guidelines for the life cycle and the annual cycle.

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Publishing of a Siddur for Noahides in different languages

"Every soul will praise God - Halleluya!" (Psalms 150, 6).
- A Siddur (prayer book) appropriate for Noahides
- In Hebrew and all other languages

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