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4 Modules 2 Chapters 17 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Covenant of Peace

Practical Application of Noahide Laws

Writen by 

Rabbi Oury Cherki



Translated by: Yehoshua Siskin

Proofreading: Lee Fogel

Course Structure

3 Lessons

Acknowledgment & Introduction

The Hebrew nation preserves a Chain of knowledge strait from Abraham and from Noah & Adam. It is important to be connected with this inheritance. At this moodle you will be exposed with these authentic insights brought to you at this Brit-Shalom book


Humanity today includes seven billion souls, a number never reached in all of human history... Today, a critical power struggle is being waged around this question: “By which values should we live?” The struggle, essentially, revolves around a so-called clash...

2 Lessons

Basic assumptions

Does everybody in our world is Noahide?
What do we need to do to become one?
what thoughts we need to learn so we would be on "the right tracks"?
All of this and much more - you will find here.

Who are Noahides?

And God said to Noah and to his sons with him, saying: And I, behold I am setting up My covenant with you and with your seed after you (Genesis 9, 8-9)

Fundamental Principles

"The will of the Creator is revealed to human beings through the conduit of prophecy."


Understand the depth & flow of Torah

We serve infinite God and that means he can infinitely tutor humanity 

7 Lessons

Behind the Seven

Who doesn't know what are the basic seven laws?
BUT, what are the practical ways of behavior, through all the small tiny details, according to the Hebrew inherited - this is what you going to find here.
At this part, we meet not only the seven laws, but we also convey the morality behind Noahide laws and yet show that it’s guide lined. Where is the boundary you shouldn’t, certain things are not proper, certain things are inappropriate and certain things are appropriate. That’s not codifying laws.
If you have a question or your concern, you can break it down and you can find it in the Chapter- more than that - you can realize the whole heart of the matter [ageinst religious neurotic]
A full treasure for life to come!

Welcome to a new world :)

Knowledge of God (Laws of Idolatry)

you can't divide the sovereignty of God

You either have Almyti God or it is non

Laws of “Blessing” God (The Prohibition of Cursing)

Intended: “This commandment is meant to negate all pessimistic views regarding the world”

Negate to all pessimistic view and go all the way back to Adam

The Family

The family and dissent behavier

2 Chapters

Additional laws & Ethics

The seven basic laws above have been explained in a positive way, still, they are prohibitions, not positive actions. you can sit down all your life without doing any wrong action.
The problem is that most of the people in our world wish to do actions and get closer to God.
At this moodle we will expose positive actions for connecting with God.
You have the whole world in your hands!

For yourself - Build your own ark. Learn how to go up one more spiritual level and strengthen your own connection with GOD 3 Lessons

Practice your expended value - go ahead, do much more and be a light for your Neighbors, Just like Patriarch Abraham 2 Lessons