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नोहाइड म्हणजे नक्की काय/ कोण?

नोहाइड हे यहुदी नसलेल्या एका अशा समुदायाचे नाव आहे, जे यहुदी बायबलच्या शिकवणीनुसार नोहाच्या नीतिमान नियमांचे पालन करतात.

एक सामूहिक ध्येय, जगभरातील विविध संस्कृतींमधील नोहाइड लोकांना एकत्र करते;ते म्हणजे - नैतिकतेने जगणे, शांतता निर्माण करणे आणि जगाला सुधारणे.

प्रसिद्ध रब्बींचे समर्थन पत्र

संलग्न पत्रे, हे नोहाइड लोकांना आणि नोहाइड वर्ल्ड सेंटर म्हणजेच ब्रित ओलामला, जगभरात नोहाइड धर्माचा प्रसार करण्याच्या त्यांच्या प्रयत्नांसाठी दिलेले समर्थन पत्र आहेत. (इंग्रजी भाषांतरे लवकरच उपलब्ध होतील)

भाषांतर पहा

रब्बी डेव्हिड लाऊ, इस्रायलचे प्रमुख अश्केनाझी रब्बी

भाषांतर पहा

रब्बी यिचखाक योसेफ, "रिशोन लेचिओन ", सेफारदी प्रमुख रब्बी इस्रायल

भाषांतर पहा

रब्बी मोर्डेखाय एलियाहू

भाषांतर पहा

रब्बी डेव्हिड लाऊ, इस्रायलचे प्रमुख अश्केनाजी रब्बी

देवासोबतचे आपले नाते अधिक घट्ट करा!

"मी इस्रायलचा देव हाशेमशी माझी निष्ठा व्यक्त करतो"


धर्मशास्त्र, नीतिशास्त्र आणि यहुदी तत्त्वज्ञान: जीवनातील मोठ्या प्रश्नांचे परीक्षण.

Unveiling the Heart: Where Belief Meets Deed

"Considering this, when a person acts ethically towards others, it raises a profound emotional question: Does their behavior reflect a genuine belief in the idea that we are all creations of the same Creator?

In essence, a person's conduct as a human being, as a living soul, becomes a mirror of their beliefs. The verse's deeper message becomes evident: why should one behave in a way that embodies "love your neighbor as yourself"? As the verse continues, the reason becomes clear: "I am God." The commandment originates from the Creator, the giver of life, to both us and our fellow human beings.

In contemplating this perspective, a natural emotional response arises. Our actions toward others become not only a demonstration of our faith but also an acknowledgment of our emotional connection to every individual as fellow creations of the same divine force. This emotional resonance underscores the profound significance of ethical behavior in fostering empathy, compassion, and a sense of unity among us."

Beyond Faith and Reason: Exploring the Hidden Depths of God’s Existence

Discover the profound mysteries of existence through the works of Maimonides and Rabbi Yehuda Halevi in this captivating article. Explore Maimonides' rational inquiry into the existence of God and Rabbi Yehuda Halevi's historical testimonies, and uncover the interplay of faith and reason in their philosophies. Delve into the wisdom of the Torah as you unravel the enigmatic tapestry of divine existence, embarking on a transformative journey of heart and soul.

तोराहचा साप्ताहिक भाग

रब्बी ओरी शेरकी द्वारे

Embracing Dual Beginnings:
The Timeless Wisdom of Rosh Hashanah and the Hebrew Calendar

Rosh Hashanah, commencing the Hebrew year, signifies the coexistence of contrasting temporal perspectives: autumn's decay in Tishrei and spring's renewal in Aviv. This dual inception in Nissan and Tishrei embodies perpetual renewal, emphasizing that every moment is a new beginning. Even the processes of decay and deterioration are integral to a broader narrative of construction and optimism, revealing an ever-renewing history where Rosh Hashanah symbolizes our continuous journey towards a brighter future.

Parshat Nitzavim:
Choosing Life Beyond Measure
Torah's Spiritual Insights on Life Death and Divine Connection

The Torah's dual portion, "Nitzavim-Vayelech," introduces a pivotal choice: life and death. Although the natural inclination favors life, the Torah transcends the apparent with spiritual insights. It acknowledges the notion of choosing death for spiritual union but underscores a different path. By embracing life, one doesn't merely opt for existence but rather encounters the divine within it. This choice embodies freedom and responsibility, as human agency defines the course, imparting moral depth to life's journey.

Parshat Ki Tavo:
Cain and Abel's Legacy in the Firstborn Mitzvah resonates deeply.
Revealing the Bond

Delve into the enduring story of Cain and Abel through the mitzvah of the firstborn. Linking Exodus to Shavuot, this ritual unveils the essence of sharing and renewal, spotlighting the intricate connection between ancient history, psychological rejuvenation, and a renewed understanding of the Torah's gift to humanity.

प्राथमिक नोहाइड स्व-घोषणा

मी नोआखच्या सात सार्वभौमिक कायद्यांचे पालन करण्यास सहमत आहे, जे देवाने नोआखला सर्व मानवजातीसाठी कायद्यांचा बंधनकारक संच म्हणून दिले होते आणि जे मोशेने प्रकट केले होते. या कायद्यांचे तपशील आणि पालन करण्याची पद्धत इस्रायलच्या ऋषींनी पिढ्यानपिढ्या जतन केले आहे आणि स्पष्ट केले आहे.