Noahide & Secret keepers

4 Lessons Easy

About this course

This course will
Lead You to a real discovery,
Increase your faith
And strengthens your life’s journey with GOD.

In the next units of this course, you will be exposed to more profound insights that will fill you up with Inspiration thought, including  a better understanding of the Bible ,
As it has been handed down in our tradition, through the “Keepers of the Secrets.”

Let’s get started!


Everyone who has taken part in this online course has been touched and has expressed
Heartwarming enthusiasm about
The excellent and meaningful content of this inspiring session.  
We receive much feedback from  people  who have been  seeking the truth  – the dynasty of those who
Guard the secrets for many years and feel that they have finally found what they had been looking.

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Course Structure

Step [1] – Abraham’s Role in History

In the year 1948 after the creation of the world, a child was born in a small cave at the foot of the Ararat Mountains named Abram (later to be expanded to Abraham). When he was born, the servants of King Nimrod (the son of Kush, from the dynasty of Ham, who conquered the ancient world and murdered many of his own brothers) rushed to tell the king the news that a son had been born in the dynasty of Shem, the "Keepers of the Secrets," who would destroy Nimrod's kingdom...

Step [2] – What every human being is obligated to perform?

Learn what to do to accelerate your personal and spiritual development
And how to use it to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

Step [3] – Answering Important Questions in Life

By studying these principles, you will be linked to an inexhaustible power source
That will keep you optimistic, healthy, and full of energy all the time!

Step [4] – What Next?

Well, if you made it this far, you must be seeking the truth. Kudos to you!

Not everybody is willing to make the effort, to put in the necessary time, and to move on – especially when the subject requires a change in paradigm, taking on a new world outlook. It is certainly much easier to remain in a comfortable position, in the place where you grew up.
But you have started moving in a new and different direction. May you be blessed for this!
Okay, now what comes next? 

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