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Broadcast 1 Part 2 – A Changing World

In the first of a series of interactive English language broadcasts, Moshe Kempinski talks about current events as a fulfillment of ancient prophesies.

In the first of a series of interactive English language broadcasts by Brit Olam, part 2, Moshe Kempinski talks about people he regularly encounters in Jerusalem who recognize that current events are a direct fulfillment of ancient prophesies. The world is changing at a rapidly increasing pace. Kempinski discusses two traits that are important for people who want to take part in this process: learning to strike out on their own as in a wilderness and having the courage to acknowledge new truths.

Noahide World Center

In response to the spiritual and value-driven demand for the word of God to be disseminated by the nation of Israel to all of mankind, we have established “Brit Olam – the Noahide World Center” in Jerusalem. We are in constant contact with many people all over the world who have a strong desire to learn the words of God.

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