Why sick children are born?


I work in a mental hospital. And I want to know – why such sick children are born?

Answer of Rav Cherki:

The birth of sick children can be for a follow reasons:

  1. For their parents sins;
  2. Correction of what happened in their past life;
  3. To give their parents and to all society an opportunity to care and show mercy on them;
  4. Another reasons that we can not know

Answer of Rav Hollander:

Such questions are very hard because they cast doubt on our possibility to understand and explain everything. Nearly 50 years ago one Rabbi in USA published a book named “When bad things happen to good people?”. Moses, our Master, also wanted to know the answer this question and the Most High said to him: “I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy ”(Exodus, 33:19).

This implies that not each person can be honored the mercy of the Most High. Such question was asked by Rav Soloveichik. His wife suffered from cancer for many years. And he could not give a final answer a question “Why?”. But if I can correct understand his approach, he says: ‘Don’t ask: “ Why? ” but instead ask: “What can we do in this situation? How can I serve God in a place where I am? ”

And you as a person who is dealing with sick children, know the answer.

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