A change somebody’s name for a name taken from Tanakh


Does something change is Ben Noah life if he changes his name for a name taken from Tanakh?

Answer of Rav Cherki:

This is a very nice deed which influence on a person. But it is not obligation.

Answer of Rav Hollander:

Maimonides writes that sincerely repenting person (baal-tshuva) becomes another individual. A person has his own self-identity and his name is its part. That’s why, when he repentance in his sins, there will be a positive sense to change a name as a part of such personality change and the name change can help in such change. More over, the change his name for a name from Tanakh – in such a cases if this name is significant for a person, can strength him in his new life, that’s why it deserves encouragement.

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