Is there any ceremony to be a Bnei Noah?


How do you do, dear Rabbi. My name is Sergey. If it is possible, please answer my question. I was baptized, I am a former Christian. Realzing the New Testament more and more, I have concluded that Christianity is not what I need. Now God has shown me the Judaism, where I find answers to my questions, a harmony and a confidence in my soul. Tell me please, is there any custom \ ceremony to be a Ben Noah? Thank you.


A sincere repentance is a self-correction. When a person was baptized, is was not a rebellion agains his Creator that’s why it is demanded from him only a work upon himself. That’s why his acceptation the Pledge before the Jewish court (from three men) is a practical declare his correction.

Rav has a mind that preferable to do such Pledge before three practicing Jews.

I think that the phrase “three companions”, used by the Talmud and the Rambam, means that the Pledge can be declared before another Bnei Noah – who already accepted Seven Commandments. And practically, it is hard to impress how Jewish courts can accept such pledges from six milliard people of the world.

If a person haven’t a possibility to appear before the Jewish court or before court of Bnei Noah, he can perform such the Pledge online, through the Internet communications.

Rav  Ishayahu Hollander

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