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Old – New Dimension

It is wrongly mistaken that the Hebrew Nation is a religion. No, it’s Not. As going out from Egypt, We gave the world a new Dimension, PROPHECY, Wich is the Ability to speak and listen to God, a Live God, And this PROPHECY is an old/new Dimension we all waiting to have back a.s.a.p. Click on the picture to learn ... Read More »

Basic Tenets of Jewish Philosophy: Is Judaism Racist?


A few years ago I was invited to participate in a conference on the subject of Israel and the other nations of the world. As it happens, I sat on a panel between two eminent Torah scholars who were asked to define the attitude of Judaism towards non-Jews. One of them explained, with liberal use of sources to back him ... Read More »

“For we have Heard”

Rahab helps the two scouts that Joshua sent, even though she knows that they have come to conquer Jericho. At first glance this would seem to be an act of treason against her own people and an act supporting the invaders. However, she can justify her actions based on a number of significant claims. Rahab’s first claim is a realization ... Read More »

Launch of Brit Olam Siddur at Netiv – Dec 6, 2015


Hosted by Rod Bryant, head of Netiv in Humble, Texas, Rabbi Chaim Goldberg and Moshe Goldberg discuss the Brit Olam Siddur (prayer book) for Noahides. It is available in multiple formats and several languages. The prophets taught humanity to pray as an extension of the principles of prophecy, and to this day prayer allows us to carry on a conversation ... Read More »

Is it Good to Have a King?

In the Haftorah for this week, Samuel tries to strengthen the status of the King. “And Samuel said to the people, Let us go to Gilgal, where we will renew the kingdom.” [Samuel I 11:14]. It seems that Samuel has resigned himself to accept the will of the nation to appoint a king as their head, in spite of his ... Read More »

A Question for Isaiah

This week’s Haftarah includes one of the most difficult verses in all of the books of the prophets: “In the year King Uzziah died, I saw G-d sitting on an exalted and lofty throne and the hems of His cloak filled the Sanctuary” [Isaiah 6:1]. How can anybody talk about “seeing” G-d, even if we assume that this is an ... Read More »

The Final Redemption

In an article for Yom Haaztmaut 5773 (2 of 2), Rav Cherki discusses how modern history is the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies and notes that the return of Israel to its land will be remembered as a great miracle. Read More »