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Divine Names

In both religious and nonreligious circles, it is common to speak about the Holy One, Blessed be He, as the “Supreme Force” (“Koach Elyon“). However, this concept is entirely wrong, for several reasons. The simplest reason for this fact is that any attempt to define Divinity diminishes the concept and distorts the truth, in the manner of, “for You, silence ... Read More »

He Who Responded to Elijah

“The whole nation saw, and they fell on their faces and said: Hashem is Elohim! Hashem is Elohim! Hashem is Elohim!” [Kings I 18:39] – The end of this week’s Haftarah. What did the nation mean by this highly emotional declaration? At first glance it might seem that they were trying to show their decision with respect to the challenge ... Read More »

A Question for Isaiah

This week’s Haftarah includes one of the most difficult verses in all of the books of the prophets: “In the year King Uzziah died, I saw G-d sitting on an exalted and lofty throne and the hems of His cloak filled the Sanctuary” [Isaiah 6:1]. How can anybody talk about “seeing” G-d, even if we assume that this is an ... Read More »