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A Sound of Silence


What is the meaning of the Divine revelation to the Prophet Elijah at Mount Horeb? The explanation given by Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook is well known, that in a way it was a lesson for Elijah, accompanied by a scolding, since his zealous defense of G-d was not perfect and was tainted by a personal matter, when he said, “They ... Read More »

A New Order

The story of the scouts is repeated in the Torah portion, revealing a unique trait of Moses. The people decided that they would not be able to conquer the land because of the existence of the giants, and they said: “Because of G-d’s hatred for us, He took us out of Egypt to deliver us to the hands of the ... Read More »

The Angel

In an article for Mishpatim, 5773, Rabbi Cherki discusses the difference between the angel mentioned in this week’s Torah portion and the one described after the sin of the Golden Calf. Read More »

The Plagues

In an article for Va’eira, 5773, Rabbi Cherki explains that the Ten Plagues showed Pharaoh that G-d is the master of the world and therefore the Divine command to free the slaves and let them take charge of human history was justified. Read More »