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A Sound of Silence


What is the meaning of the Divine revelation to the Prophet Elijah at Mount Horeb? The explanation given by Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook is well known, that in a way it was a lesson for Elijah, accompanied by a scolding, since his zealous defense of G-d was not perfect and was tainted by a personal matter, when he said, “They ... Read More »

What Did He Lack?

We read in the Haftorah this week, “And Adonijah Ben Haggith rose up and said, I will be king” [Kings I 1:5]. At first glance, Adonijah had all the proper credentials to take over the kingdom. He was the fifth son of David, after Avshalom, who was fourth, so that from the point of view of age he took precedence ... Read More »