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Young handsome caucasian man feeling free spreading arms outdoor in the city sunset - freedom, free, serene concept

Mulan Visi žinome filmą „, Mulan“. Jis prasideda vaizduodamas mongolų hunų įsiveržimą į kinų imperatoriaus valdas. Kariai nedelsiant skuba apie tai pranešti imperatoriui, stiprinama rūmų apsauga. Tuomet atsiskleidžia imperatoriaus didybė. Valdovas imasi ginti visą karalystę, ne tik savo gyvybę – tikras lyderis! Jis taip pat sako, kad svarbus „kiekvienas ryžio grūdelis“, turėdamas omenyje savo pavaldinius. Kas žino kurio pastangomis karalystė ... Read More »

Basic Tenets of Jewish Philosophy: Real Freedom


What do we mean when we say that all men are free? These words have a legal connotation which has found its way into the Bill of Rights, stating that all men are free as long as their actions do not impinge on the freedom of another person. The exact boundary between conflicting freedoms will be set by specific laws. ... Read More »

“Humanity Day” – special lesson

Hello and greetings To you and your family From the Land of Israel. First, let me we wish all members in the United States As they celebrate happily and peacefully with their families. Especially on this year, that we also celebrate the “Humanity Day” on this weekend And this is a great opportunity to invite you to a Special lesson ... Read More »