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How Should a Noahide Celebrate Shavuot?

Q: What should a Noahide do to celebrate Shavuot?

Q: What should be recommended to Noahides as a way to celebrate Shavuot? Some possible suggestions: Reading specific passages from the Torah; enjoying a festive meal; reciting the Hallel; other special prayers.

A: Answer by Rabbi Chaim Richman and Rabbi Ouri Cherki:

In principle, this should be celebrated as a day of joy for the first fruits of springtime and for the fact that the Torah was given to Israel, as a foundation of the path of guidance of the entire world. The character of Jethro can also be discussed. (Shavuot this year, 2011, begins on Tuesday night, 7 June.)

We can also recommend a night of study, similar to the Jewish custom, with a festive meal and special prayers (as is appropriate for the Noahides on every holiday). The special relationship of the Noahides to Shavuot is related to the momentous events at Mount Sinai and the giving of the Torah. The sages note that the Gentiles refused to accept the Torah, but the Noahides now have an opportunity to correct their error, a second chance to accept the Torah and to show the Holy One, Blessed be He, that they want to observe His commandments.

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