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Basic Concepts

Chanukah 5775

Chanukah begins Tuesday night, Dec 16, and continues for 8 days, until Wednesday evening, Dec. 24. In a video message for Chanukah 5775, Rav Cherki discusses the encounter between the cultures of Greece and Israel. We usually say that the Greeks suppressed Judaism, but there was a very long period of good relations between the two cultures. The Greeks saw ... Read More »

The Fast of the 9th of Av


A recorded message from Rav Cherki about the fast of the 9th of Av. The fast of the Ninth of Av 5774 is on Tuesday August 5, 2014 (starting the night before). (If you do not see English subtitles, click “caption” button on the bottom of the screen.) We mark the ninth of the month of Av as the darkest ... Read More »

Chief Rabbi Lau Blesses Noahides

The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, in a video (with English subtitiles) discussing the vital work of Brit Olam and blessing Noahides around the world. Letter by Chief Rabbi David Lau 9 Adar I 5774 February 9, 2014 To: Rabbi Oury Cherki “Brit Olam” Jerusalem Hearty wishes of Shalom, A Letter of Blessing I am happy to hear ... Read More »