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Ask the Rabbi

Noahide Bat Mitzvah

Q: We are planning a bat mitzvah celebration for my daughter. The parsha she is reading and giving a speech on is Tzav.Do you have any suggestions or thoughts about how we can make this really special for her? Read More »

Interfaith marriage

Q: My wife is Christian, and I am a Noahide My wife and I would like to find some common ground that allows us to follow G-d as a family. Can I attend church with her for a few months if she also attends Noahide classes? Read More »

conversion or not

Q: My experience until now is that many people want to convert, mostly ex-Christians, instead of remaining non-Jewish. One of the reasons is that they miss any structure and daily guideline. Can you explain what profit there is  in remaining a Noahide ? Read More »