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Basic Tenets of Jewish Philosophy: Periods of Exile

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Exile is an integral part of the history of the nation of Israel. More than half of the time that the nation has existed was spent in exile. This is clearly a very important fact. This reality sometimes leads people to make a mistake and attempt to idealize the exile, or at the very least to generate a feeling of ... Read More »

Basic Tenets of Jewish Philosophy: Science and Religion

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Those who have discussed religion and science were mainly interested in two aspects of this matter: the age of the world and the origins of life. A common assumption, which we will use in spite of its superficial character, is that science has established that the world is about 16 billion years old and that man developed from an ape-like ... Read More »

Basic Tenets of Jewish Philosophy: What is Redemption?

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In the first chapter of his book “Netzach Yisrael” the Maharal of Prague defines the concept of redemption based on his view of the exile. By doing this he makes use of a common theme in his way of looking at things: The Unity of Opposites. An idea can often best be defined by understanding its opposite. Thus, black is ... Read More »

Reading Material

Q: Can you recommend any books for Bnei Noach? What do you recommend for an in-depth study of the Seven Mitzvot? Is there halachic literature for Bnei Noach? Read More »


Q: What are the in-depth reasons for prohibiting the Jews to eat pork? French culture is steeped in the custom of eating pork, should a Noahide refrain from eating it? Read More »

Spouse Disagrees

Q: My wife is still a believer in Jesus and she was basically raised with a messianic Judaism understanding. After several months of searching as unbiased as I could, I concluded that I had been believing in falsehood. Is it okay to keep my mouth shut about any of this to keep my family together? Read More »