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Extraordinary way to get Married

It all started a few months ago Going out and giving a seminar Helping the South Africa community, And one of the couples decided to get married in a full Noahide Wedding Ceremony, To add God’s guidance inside their partnership – Here in Jerusalem, Israel. We wish them a great life together with blessing! What is the most appropriate Bible ... Read More »

5 Bible verses about Salvation

Since the days of the real prophets Our inheritance, Regarding those Bible verses about salvation, From the days of the real prophets; This is how they taught us, In 5 VERSES; Click here to learn this issue Read More »

Free Will & “Grains of rice”

Young handsome caucasian man feeling free spreading arms outdoor in the city sunset - freedom, free, serene concept

Yes, we’re all familiar with the movie, Mulan. It starts with the Mongolian Huns Who invaded the kingdom of the Chinese emperor. The soldiers immediately run to tell the emperor about the invasion And want to protect the emperor’s palace. Here, the emperor displays his greatness. First, the emperor seeks to protect the whole kingdom And not just his own ... Read More »

Biblical criticism


Biblical criticism is an allegedly scientific approach to the study the holy writings. However, it can never be considered truly scientific because the approach is founded on a fundamental axiom that has never been proven: ie. The impossibility of prophecy. It is claimed that because the text includes contradictions, there must have been five different sources for the Torah which ... Read More »