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Cain & Able fight

Are we familiar with the reasons for fights in the Bible? What was the main argument between Cain & Able that caused their fight till death? Most people don’t know those simple answers [And more questions…], AND YOU?! Click on the picture to find some answers Blessings from Jerusalem Read More »

A Prince of Greatness

The region of the Galilee and all the Land of Israel Deeply mourn the loss of a righteous and upright man Who truly loved God and His creatures, A faithful spirit who was steadfast in his clinging to the Nation of Israel and its Torah, A man who was a true righteous Gentile in our time – the distinguished Gunther ... Read More »

How to bring more light to our life?

This is not a tricky question It’s a way we live for almost 4,000 years All you need to do is to click here you will be sent to a NEW Flyer with a full explanation Our recommendation is to PRINT that flyer And to put it as a picture in your dining room Were you will add more light to ... Read More »

Who deals with Human Ethics?

When the great philosophers on morality, such as Descartes, Kant, Pascal, and Spinoza, Discuss moral values, they are essentially saying things they learned from the… Now, wouldn’t it be better to learn from the source?! Click on the picture for the full article Read More »